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Design has the ability to tell stories large and small.

It’s that holistic story telling that I strive for. Building a brand is a fascinating thing, in all of its bits and pieces. Creating the foundation for a business or concept to stand on, and move forward with is an exciting process. 


Do you have a story you want to tell?

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A little about me.

I'm a food-loving Seattle native, fascinated with the creative process. I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications and minors in New Media & Art History from Seattle Pacific University. I ponder the pace of life, and am always wondering what's next. 

I listen to gain perspective, I observe to expand & I do to gain experience. With a goal in mind, there’s only one way its going to work - pure and whole-hearted dedication.

There's nothing like a pain au chocolat right out of the oven, coffee in any form, oh and burrata with a little rosé.

The Arcs, Dan Auerbach, Khalid, Harry Styles

Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Suits